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Does Anyone Know How To Sand Concrete Diy Answers

how to sand concrete patio kickingthekyriarchy,this specific type of sand firstly screened and then washed adequately. $640 and $1,600 for a basic slab to make a diy mix of sand and concrete, start on a sunny day with more sunny days forecast. it is important to choose the right kind of sand when creating a base beneath a pavers installation for a patio, walkway, pool deck, driveway, etc..does it have to be postfix or can i use instant concrete,sep 03, 2019 looks like it only contains sharp sand and not ballast. ballst is the larger stones that help give the concrete some bind and make it stronger. easiest solution is by a couple of bags of ballast and mix it with the instant e.....sorry concrete to get some real concrete. thermo, 18 mar 2008. 2..

DIY Concrete Resurfacing Admixture Renovate Forum

oct 26, 2010 i want to resurface my concrete driveway, with a thin layer (under 10mm). and would like to mix up my own resurfacer. i have plenty of cement, colour oxide and sand. but i probably need to add some type of polymer admixture, to make the mixture suitable for resurfacing. just wondering does anyone know of an admixture, that might be suitable ?,anyone online answer this patio sub base question,sep 03, 2019 a- tells me to lay them straight onto compacted mot and a 5-1 sharp sand cement mix (dry) b- tells me to lay onto compacted mot and sharp sand with a 5-1 building sand cement wet mix i am getting 3 ton of mot and 3 ton of sharp tomorrow, whats your opinion on best way to lay. im tending to lean towards a wet mix now.

Does Anyone Know How To Make A Limecement Mortar That

may 07, 2012 thanks for your answer pigletjohn. basically we would like not to have to chip the current surface if we can avoid it - we could just paint on top of it but it would look better and go better with the rest of the room if we do something that has a bit of depth to it.,removing concrete patio community forums,sep 15, 2008 to answer your questions 1) yes, you can break concrete with a sledge hammer, but not an 8 pounder such as youll typically find in a hardware store. i use a 20 pound sledge. its a lot easier because the tool does almost all the work when it falls. youll need a spud bar (long pry bar) as well.

How To Make A Cement Planter Hometalk

jun 22, 2021 sand the top edges to remove anything sharp with a 220 grit sanding sponge. do this as soon as you demold the planter so that it will be easier. the cement continues curing after demolding and it becomes harder. do you love colored concrete? take a look at this concrete planter made with a wood stain and this planter made with a cheap dye.,slanting concrete patio ask me help desk,new member. may 2, 2007, 0216 pm. slanting concrete patio. i really need help i own a condo and my concrete patio slab has a nice slant to it it seems to be sinking on one end. i believe its from the water run-off of rain and plant watering which is washing away the sand and soil under the patio. does anyone know how to repair the slanting

Removing Lacquer Sealer From Stamped Concrete Patio

apr 19, 2009 i have no way to know how deep the stain is - it may be all the way through nor how thick the coating is, but - if they are both just on the surface, then blasting with dry soda, frozen co2, fine sand, plastic media or walnut shells, or any other abrasive media will work. but its not a process you can do yourself.,does anyone know how to calculate heat retention time,first, you need to know the heat capacity of bricks. water has one of the highest heat capacities of any material (1 cal.g), and stone should be something like o.7 (???). but you can look that up.

Has Anyone Read Transactions By Michelle Cliff Answers

dec 09, 2010 anyone can read and answer the questions on wikianswers. how do books you read get to us? the books get to us by leaving a paragraph on a,cr6 and concrete sand compresssion rates doityourself,nov 10, 2008 cr-6 layer will be 4 inches non-compacted. sand layer will be 1 inch non-compacted. brick depth is 2 and 3/8 inches. brick over grade height will be 1/4 inch. basically, from the above, the cr-6 and sand layers will have to compress a total 3/8 of an inch for the bricks to be level with our lawn. this seems a bit small to me.

Anyone Else Tried Concrete Worktops Page 2 DIYnot

mar 12, 2012 as you say, same sand and cement batches where possible. certainly the dye has to be the same batch. then measuring exactly the same every time. water, sand,cement, powder dye. mixing i found was the main cause even when using same measurements, through mix is the way i found.,answers to your concrete questions 3,sep 14, 2011 does anyone know how deep i have to get a pour of concrete if i want to put a car on it, and do i need re-enforcing mesh as well? a. normal is 4 concrete with a wire mesh over 2 of sand over a 6 mil visqueen membrane over 2 of sand. recently, some have started using a fiberglass mesh in the concrete mix instead of the wire mesh.

Masonry Help Modifying Window Opening American Concrete

mar 18, 2021 please be sure to answer the question. provide details and share your research but avoid asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. making statements based on opinion back them up with references or personal experience. to learn more, see our tips on writing great answers.,grape arbor posts bury attach to concrete or encase in,jan 24, 2012 encase in concrete ive read online that this can either speed up or slow the decay of the post within them depending upon a few factors. does anyone know a definitive answer to this? i honestly dont think concrete would help stability a tremendous amount with the otherwise hearty soil consistency here.

Bolts Rust Free Concrete Fasteners Home Improvement

mar 28, 2021 rust free concrete fasteners. i need to fasten a 3/4 inch pvc trim board to a poured concrete basement wall. since this will be on the exterior of the house i want to avoid rusting of the fastener. the previous pressure treated board fell off when the concrete nails rusted and broke off. i was considering using tapcon screws and counter sinking,stamped concrete or real stone pavers in driveway,jun 29, 2008 thats not a diy project i would take on. setting pavers is hard work besides, you would have to remove the pavement, regrade and compact the driveway and then set the pavers. stamped and/or stained (colored) concrete will hold up well, same as a

Building A Beach Pool With Sand Around It Trouble Free Pool

jul 13, 2015 some answers to your replies. 1. no cats around 2. this is the large grain sand i want to use 3. the sand will be about 20cm thick and lie on a concrete floor. underneath is a parking garage. i have drawn drain pipes in the concrete to get rid of the water. oh and we are located in the caribbean.,does anyone who has tried the back2life thing know if it,aug 19, 2009 i was searching for the same thing, and found this it is apparently a diy product that totally reseals the pool. i would like to know if anyone has tried it

What Is The Best Way To Weight A Jug Line Catfish Angler

feb 07, 2007 this is to let any air escape when the jug is submerged. 3. fill with sand, pea gravel or cement (quickrete) (you have to be patient filling it with cement). they should weight several pounds each. 4. tie one of the filled bottles to the bottom of each end of your set line. 5. for floats, use 1 gallon clorox bottles.,where can i find fine silica sand researchgate,i am a phd student working on high performance fiber reinforced concrete (hpfrc). to develop such a material, fine silica sand with maximum grain size of 300 micron and average grain size of 110

What Size Cartridge For A Powder Actuated Nailer

dec 07, 2004 sorry to jump in late, but with all powder actuated tools, you typically want a 1 embedment into the concrete, even for interior partition walls. i am not familiar with your tool model or the psi of your concrete, but with most .27 caliber tools, a yellow booster should be sufficient to keep the fastener from fish hooking or the concrete spalling.,plumbing outside drain how to replace this grate,dec 07, 2015 file or sand smooth the rough edges. measure the diameter of the opening (it looks to be 4 inches). purchase an appropriate sized drain grate at your local supply store. finally heres the replacement part enter link description here. i discovered nds stands for national drainage solutions.

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